Aluminum Solid Panel

REVTEK aluminum solid panel for building materials is a professional aluminum curtain wall manufacturer, specialized in aluminum solid panel, perforated metal facade panels.Metal facade systems can make buildings look more attractive, but they also serve practical purposes, The metal panels protect the building from weather conditions like rain, wind, and sunlight. They can also help insulate the building, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Why We Choose Custom Decorative Metal Panel?

Note: A1100 is an aluminum alloy with a purity of 99.00%, which makes it very soft and ductile. t has excelent workability, flexiblity and formabilityand is easy to weld, but it has low strength compared to other alloys. This makes it sutable for metal celling and wall applications.
A3003 is an aluminum-maneanese alloy with good corosion resistance. moderate streneth. and excellent workabilty. It is commonly used indecorative metal celing and wal industry because of its abllity to be easily formed into varlous shapes and its good corrosion resistanceproperties
A5052 is an aluminum-manganese alloy with higher strength than A3003, and is commonly used in applications where higher strength anddurablty are required, such as in the marine and aviation industries. It also has good corrosion resistance and is often used with anodizingfinish panel.
A6063 is a heat-treatable aluminum alloy with good extrusion propertles, which makes it a popular choice for architectural applications such aswindow frames. door frames and curtain walls. Although it has ower strength, t is stil suitable for applicatlons where strength is not theprimary concemn.For more comparison between material or any questions, please contact with PRANCE colleague.