Colour Solid Panel

Stone Color Solid Panel

Using modern technology creates the surface stone alike but not real stone. This will decrease the cost comparing with real stone and also the weight SO that it will be easier for workers to install.

In performance, it has high strength, light weight, easy installation, quick characteristic.Imitation stone solid panel has the advantages of corrosion, also a waterproof, flame resistant and other characteristics.

Stone Pattern

5D Wooden Color Solid Panel

Imitation wood aluminum profile is a modern European fashion of building materials, imitation wood grain aluminum classical and elegant,natural style become noble fashion products on behalf of, more to the realistic natural wood visual effect and solid wood grain texture effect be come the most leading fashion pioneer, and, with wood grain effect of aluminum instead of wood more for the protection of human survival in the green world and make new contributions.

This product is an excellent choice of materials, strong adhesion, bright color, do not fade, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, inline with European environmental standards.

Wooden Pattern

Color Chart

Pre-roller coating treatment for metal ceilings and metal wall surfaces is a commonly used surface coating technique aimed at enhancing the appearance and performance of metal materials. This treatment is typically carried out in factories or production sites and involves applying coatings or layers onto metal surfaces in advance to achieve the desired effects. Here is an overview of the pre-roller coating treatment:

Anoldized Color Chart

PDVF Color Chart