UNITILE Raised Floor

  • Guaranteed no squeaking sound

  • Reduces risk of material damage & ensures personal safety to onsite worker.

  • Perfecly aligned water leveled floor.

  • Reduces manpower and improves speed of construction for allied agencies as few panels can be gravity laid.

  • Eliminated reworking and straightening of the edges post installaton due to the folded flange panel technology.

UNITILE Raised Floor



A Steel Cementitious Panel comprises of a flat steel top and a profiled steel base that are welded together to form a hollow shell box. This shell is then filled with a foamed cement based core that gives good structural performance in conjunction with excellent fire performance.


A Low Flange Width steel cementitious panel provides higher strength and overall stability to the flooring system. Reduced cantilever edges or flange widths reduces the risk of damage during the usage of the system.


The Unitile Calcium Sulphate Panel is made from calcium sulphate core – a very high-density of 1500 Kgs / mtr3 of Natural gypsum. The base & top surface of the core is factory bonded using an appropriate combination of surface finishes. The edges of the panel are protected with a PVC edge band.


Unitile has re-engineered the conventional raised floor system to overcome the challenges faced in the data centers and control room environments. Nex-Gen Floor system (1200 mm x 1200 mm) is the strongest and most flexible raised access floor in the market, that can be adjusted to the conditions you have within your project. Unitile with its multi-functional capabilities, is not only a product specifier but is also geared up in ensuring the top most quality of the product, technical and on-site support right from manufacturing to installation proceeds, on time and budget.