Revtek Ceiling

Revtek Metal Ceiling

Revtek Ceiling Offering architectural solutions and products for metal ceiling and facade system. Revtek Ceiling Metalwork is a modern metal ceiling and facade systems manufacturer with a strong technical team, offering a comprehensive range of metal ceiling and wall cladding products for commercial buidings that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Revtek Mineral Fiber Ceiling

REVTEK Mineral Fiber Ceiling is a leading professional manufacture of ceiling & partition system in indonesia.

Our modern manufacturing facilities and state-of-the art equipment allow us to customize the products to meet the most stringent customer requiements. In co-operation with our global business partners, we have developed numoreous products to international standards.

REVTEK Mineral Fiber Ceiling has set up the quality control system and sciencitic management system, which are very strict in design, raw materials, sales and after sales service.